Ariana joined the Picture Perfect Family in 2013 as a Seasonal School Photographer and then left to pursue other opportunities. She came back to us and has excelled as a school, grad, and studio photographer. Her passion for the art of photography thrives in the faces of the people she photographs. Her future plans are to become a X-Ray technologist… still taking photos!
Rachel started her career at Picture Perfect as a Seasonal School Photographer and became part of our permanent crew during the Grad season. Her eagerness to please and drive for perfection makes her an ideal photographer and a very likable person. Rachel is driven by deadlines and enjoys a fast paced environment. She is currently expanding her photographic repertoire and challenging herself to see life in a different light.
Nathan has worked for Picture Perfect Portraits since 2006. Nathan's main role is project management and corporate leadership. He has been instrumental in managing many of the dramatic changes we have experienced in the past 8 years. We simply would not be the same company without him. He graduated from Langara College and The University of British Columbia. Nathan is our “go-to” guy for all projects: be it design, equipment, workflow, finding new products, procuring new materials or te ......
Chris became a co-owner in 2009. He and his family have been involved with the development of Picture Perfect since 2004. Chris is our productions and operations manager. He is also the grad coordinator and grad consultant. He is responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly. Chris is a fun-loving guy; working with him is always an adventure.
Adam has harbored the spirit of collaboration for as long as he can remember. He is passionate about learning and bestowing his experiences unto others. His decade of experience as an educator ignited a desire for him to collaborate outside of the classroom and into the creative and business worlds. Upon leaving the academic world, Adam launched his own photography business, and in 2010, invested and became a co-owner of Picture Perfect. Since then he has worked with hundreds of schools, compani ......
Matt is Picture Perfect's computer tech and photo editor. He has been with us for over ten years. He played a huge part in transferring the company over from film photography to digital photography. He is also responsible for our website development and online ordering system along with many of our technical aspects.
Jeri has been with us since the fall of 2010 and is a lead photographer. She has been an integral part in designing many of our new postcards, banners and collages. Jeri is extremely creative and can always be counted on to help improve the image of Picture Perfect and its products. Jeri is the fourth of eight kids, so we can always count on her to be a leader on our team. She has recently completed a course through ICS and now has her Certificate of Photography. ......
Jenna joined the Picture Perfect family in the fall of 2013. Previous to Picture Perfect, she took a course at SIAST receiving a certificate in media arts production. She has proved to be very detail oriented in photographing students and her friendly attitude makes working with kids a breeze. She is a very kind and approachable person, which makes her a great addition to our team.

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